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Gary "Bozo" Brogan:

Gary was born in the United States and is a pilot for the United Earth Space Defense. There are very few pilots left on Earth. Many systems are automated, removing the need for a pilot. On rare occasions there is a need for someone at the helm, such as test spacecraft.

Gary is a recent graduate of the Air and Space Piloting Program. He boasts about his status as a pilot and of his accomplishments during the program. None of his boasts have been verified yet by the school or classmates.

As a graduate of the ASPP he was hand selected by the commander of UES-LESS-I. It is a mystery why he was personally selected and the commander has yet to comment on the subject.


Dr. Reese Hanuman:

Dr Hanuman is evloved from an unknown member of the Hominoidea superfamily. He is not an alien but is mistaken as one sometimes due to the dominant mindset of humans.

The doctor was born in London, England. He was identified at a young age as a genius and given the greatest oppertunities to excell in school. When he was only twenty (which is plenty of time for a genius) he graduated from Eaton Medical. Reese did so well in school he started to become bored. He began taking alien physiology and medical classes as extra curriculars. He graduated top of his class and his training covered almost every known alien.

He decided to provide his services to the Space Defence Force and was instantly commisioned. UESLESS_I is his first assignment but he was specifically selected for the task. He is looking forward to expanding his horizons at the earth's busiest starport and immigration center. He is also looking forward to meeting the many medical professionals who pass through from other planets.

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