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Beetle is a mild mannered member of the armed forces by day, and an illustrative nutball by night. Self described Awesome-naut, he strives to push the limits of his own humor and illustrations. When he isn't avoiding his workaholic anonymous meetings, or ditching his master's homework, he's busy here, writing about himself in the third person.

Beetle is the illustrator for Bozosphere and part time author.

If you hate anything about the site, e-mail Socrates, otherwise you can contact Beetle at


Tolstoy. Dickens. Fitzgerald. These are all classic authors that come up when you Google for "classic authors". Socrates is the man, the myth that did this search.

In addition to random internetery and game programming, he also writes humor down in/on various mediums and some larges.

Socrates is a part time author for Bozosphere. He can be contacted at


Do you know what you're thinking right now. Do you? Well ... that's good for you.

Jenamie doesn't know what you're thinking, but she gives everyone a chance to write it down. She will also write back. It's tit for tat, unless your name is tat and that would just be akward.

Jenamie is the forum creator, editor, and advises on comic creation. She can be contacted at

The Bozosphere is drawn using Adobe Elements 6.0 and updated using Adobe Dreamweaver.